Efficient Strategies For 60 Second Binary Options Trading

In the quick trading environment of modern financial markets, lucrative trading opportunities may last for an instant only. To maximize these small trading windows the proper trading tools are needed. That is why the opening to trade binary option in 60 second was developed.

The 60 seconds binary option let you trade fast and frequently throughout the day, exiting and entering from many profitable trades during the trading session potentially. To trade 60 second options you should be appropriately prepared and should have efficient binary options strategy in place. Have a look at the finest ways to trade 60 second binary options profitably.

Have A Good Plan

It’s critical that you’ve a plan going in your 60 seconds trade. The 1 minute window of 60 second trades doesn’t allow time to reorganize your plan or its implementation. You need to exactly know what you’re going to do prior to you enter in the trade.

Strike Prices

It’s important to know to set the strike prices and the total quantity of trading size. These variables tend to be the most imperative parts of establishing any 60 seconds trade. Testing the platform will assist you understand how capable it is. In 60 second trades even moderately small changes to rate movements can upset a binary options strategy.

Understand The Platform

Make sure that you’re comfortable with the trading platform when executing a 60 second trade. That is why it’s so useful to select a platform that includes demo account option. This will let you familiarize yourself with user interface in order that you know exactly how to implement the trade, and know in which direction market is moving.

Money Management

With the 60 second binary options, it’s important to practice appropriate money management. It refers to what percentage of the trading account you dedicate to a trade. It’s suggested that with 60 seconds trades, you put not more than 2 to 5 percent of your account in a single trade.

Momentum Trading

It’s where you trade financial assets that are strongly moving in high volumes in one direction. When trading 60 seconds options, it’s the best practice generally to trade with overall direction of market. Trading against market can be extremely risky and difficult.

1 -2 – 3 Approach

It’s a short term binary options strategy which can be highly efficient for trading 60 second binary options. With this, you’re looking for the three trading indicators including high point, low point and point three which doesn’t go as higher at first point. The third point should be lower than first point so the conditions for trades are met successfully.

Sushi Roll Strategy

Next kind of trade suited to 60 seconds trading is the “Sushi Roll”. In this, you’re looking for the period where first five bars – called inside bars – are included within range of second five bars. Whenever you see the “Sushi Roll” model in downward trend, it’s an indicator which a reversal might be about to take place. It means that you should purchase “call” binary option. In case the pattern arises during upward trend, look to enter in a “put” option.

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